How to make a Flower crown

Flower crowns are a gorgeous, whimsical craft that can make anyone look and feel magical. Whether you want to make flower crowns for yourself or friends, they make great accessories for all sorts of events and occasions. The best part is that flower crowns are easy and fun to make at home with simple materials and basic floristry techniques. Follow this step-by-step guide to crafting beautiful flower crowns from scratch.

Picking Flowers and Foliage When making a flower crown, you first need to select suitable flowers and foliage. The best flowers for crowns have small heads and long, flexible stems – good options include baby’s breath, cosmos, daisies, lavender, pansies, snapdragons, and wildflowers.

Gather more flowers than you think you’ll need to make a full, luscious crown. You can also incorporate greenery like eucalyptus leaves, ferns, ivy tendrils, or small leafy vines to add texture and fullness. Pick materials with no bruising, wilting, or other damage. Condition them by trimming stem ends and soaking them in water before crafting your crown.

Preparing Materials Choose attractive ribbon in colors complementing your flowers – silk or organza ribbon around 1⁄2 inch wide is best. Cut ribbon segments about 30 inches long. Have floral wire, scissors, and pliers on hand too. Clear a large workspace that allows room to lay out flowers. Optional: collect accent materials like beads, mini bells, feathers, or leaves for embellishments.

Building Flower Chain Base

Take an arm-length ribbon segment and fold it in half to form a loop. Take a stem near a bloom and lay it along the ribbon. Wrap the ribbon’s loose ends snugly around the stem, crossing them under to create a wrapped “link.” Secure with floral wire, twisting ends tightly with pliers.

Continue creating ribbon and stem links, incorporating new flowers whenever their stems align to the crown being formed. Link unbloomed stems or foliage between blooms. Overlap some stems and leaves for fullness. Curve the garland gently as you link, forming an oval crown shape wide enough to fit around your head. Finish when the flower chain reaches the desired length.

Attaching Ends

When your flower chain is the proper length, use pliers to tightly wrap its loose end around the other end’s wire. Twist wire securely to connect the ends into a continuous circlet. Tuck any errant wires into arrangements to hide.

Embellishing Your Crown

Now make any final touches to beautify your creation! Fluff and arrange blooms and leaves to evenly fill gaps. Accent with embellishments by tucking in small feathers or winding vine tendrils throughout. Weave in beads or bells for added whimsy. Spritz lightly with water to refresh flowers. Customize to suit your style and occasion.

Wearing Your Flower Crown

The final step is donning your delightful flower crown! Have a friend tie ribbon ends into a fluffy bow or knot at the back for a comfortable fit. Settle the crown into your hair, adjusting flowers around your face as desired. Add a coordinating outfit and accessories like a flower necklace or leaf bracelet. Embrace the magical, fairy-like feeling your handmade flower crown evokes!

Tips for Making Flower Crowns

  • Choose species with various bloom sizes and shapes for visual interest. Mix colors or stick to a color theme.
  • Work swiftly before flowers wilt, re-cutting stem ends in water as needed.
  • Start links loose enough to weave stems in easily, but wrap ribbon snugly enough to hold shape.
  • Build a durable structure by firmly attaching each link. Hide wires for clean finish.
  • Let lengths of greenery and vines trail from sides for an organic look.
  • Accent with embellishments that capture your personal flair.

Now that you know how to make a beautiful flower crown from scratch, let your creativity run wild! Craft crowns for yourself or loved ones to wear on special occasions all year round. Adjust materials for changing seasons – try autumnal maple leaves, wintry pine sprigs, or springtime fruit tree blooms. Give crowns as gifts paired with matching accessories for extra delight. Wherever worn, handmade flower crowns spread joy and connect us to nature’s botanical beauty.

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