How to make flower pots in Minecraft

Flower pots in Minecraft are decorative blocks that can be used to house various plants and flowers for display. While not entirely necessary from a gameplay perspective, flower pots can add a nice aesthetic touch.

Placing them around a build and filling them with colorful flora is an easy way to liven up any interior or exterior space. Thankfully, crafting flower pots only requires a few common materials.

What You’ll Need to make flower pots in Minecraft

Before you can start placing vibrant flower arrangements around your Minecraft build, you’ll want to gather a few basic materials:

  • Clay Blocks – Clay is used as the main ingredient for crafting all types of pottery in Minecraft. Clay blocks spawn naturally near bodies of water like rivers, and can also occasionally be found for sale from Mason villager NPCs. Mine some clay with a shovel or trade with a villager to collect at least 3 blocks.
  • Fuel – To bake the clay blocks into usable ceramic flower pots, you’ll also need some kind of furnace fuel. This can be coal, charcoal, wooden planks, sticks, or several other flammable items. Make sure you have at least 1 fuel source on hand.

Crafting the Flower Pots

Once you’ve gathered some clay and fuel, you can start crafting flower pots by following these simple steps:

  1. Open a crafting menu – This can be a crafting table, personal inventory crafting, or other crafting window.
  2. Add 3 clay blocks to the menu – You’ll notice this creates an outline for the flower pot shape.
  3. Move the 3 clay blocks into their correct positions – the bottom middle square, and the 2 squares directly above that.
  4. Remove any remaining clay blocks not in the flower pot pattern shape.
  5. Grab your freshly crafted flower pots that should now appear in the crafting grid output field.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 to craft up to 8 flower pots total from 1 full stack of clay blocks.

Baking the Pots in a Furnace

Of course, plain clay flower pots would crumble apart instantly if placed. To make them functional for housing decorative plants, they need to be fired/baked in a furnace to harden them into ceramic:

  1. Open the furnace fuel and input slots.
  2. Place up to 8 unfired flower pots into the input field.
  3. Fill the fuel slot with any flammable material like coal or wood.
  4. After about 10 seconds, the fired clay flower pots will appear in the output slot, now ready to use.
  5. Repeat to bake all newly crafted unfired flower pots.

Placing Pots and Plants

Now finally comes the fun part – putting those flower pots to use by arranging them around builds and filling them with cute plants:

  • Take the baked flower pots and travel to a suitable location. This can be indoors like a cozy cottage, or outdoors to line a garden path.
  • Select the flower pots in your hotbar and use the primary mouse click to set one down. Pots can be placed on most solid blocks.
  • Open your inventory and select any compatible small plant or flower. Options include saplings, mushrooms, dead bushes, ferns, dandelions, poppies, and more.
  • With the plant selected in your hand, mouse over the top of the flower pot and use primary click to place the plant inside.
  • Repeat with other flower pots and filling them with coordinating or contrasting plants to create mini in-door planters or outdoor potted gardens.
  • To pick the pots back up, break them like any block. The filling will drop and pot will enter player inventory.

And there you have it! With just a little clay, fuel, and your choice of vibrant plants, you can now craft and arrange charming flower pots to spruce up any blank space in your Minecraft builds. Experiment with mixing pot and plant colors and styles for personalized, decorative touches. The possibilities are nearly endless! Let your creativity bloom by mastering flower pots.

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